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Instituted 2014 - Discover That Which Was Lost

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Excellent Companion Mike Beuthling - May 2016 - First Principal

Our Meeting Room In Cookstown

Picture of The Chapter Room, Cookstown, Ontario, Canada 25 March 2014.

Our Address

As all Chapters must by regulation of the Grand Chapter, meet in a Masonic Lodge room, we meet at 4 Queen Street, Cookstown, Ontario. (Canada) on the fourth Tuesday of every month (Except December, January, June, July and August.) In the same building which houses Manitoba Lodge No. 236, as we rent space from them as needed for our meetings and social functions.

Please do not send Canada Post mail to the above address, rather please send it to Scribe Ezra at his home address.

For routine inquires or to request an application to join us, it is usually best to contact us by means of the 'Contact us' form on this website.

Picture of The Second Temple at Jerusalem

As a point of interest, the above picture is of a Model of Herod's Temple (Renovation of the Second Temple).

The Picture is from the Israel Museum, provided complements of Wikipedia.

Notes For Visitors

For Brethren and non-masons visiting the site you may wish to note that the abbreviation 'Comp.' means 'Companion', and the abbreviation 'Ex. Comp' means 'Excellent Companion'. In Chapter we use 'Companion' in place of 'Brother' or its abbreviation 'Bro.'.

One of the other differences between a Lodge and a Chapter is the addition of two more chairs between what in Lodge would be called SW and WM, that of 'Third Principal' (J) and 'Second Principal' (H). The Three Companions filling the Chairs of First Principal (like WM), Second Principal (H) and Third Principal (J) are called 'The Council'. Members (and past members) of the Council are thus called 'Excellent Companions', and you will note that the ribbon on their 'Companion Jewel' or 'Royal Arch Jewel' has the 'Excellent Companion ribbon' in place of the usual 'Companion ribbon'. As a note this Jewel is usually only seen in Lodges (In Ontario) with the Companion Ribbon on it.

Up until July 2015, Royal Arch Chapters were the only body which was permitted by the Grand Lodge of Canada in the province of Ontario to wear its jewel in Lodge, likely due to the historical connection of the Royal Arch degree with craft Lodge which predates the later union of the two rival Grand Lodges in England, which in its agreement to unite itself makes specific reference to the Royal Arch degree. (As a side note in England many Masonic Lodges have a corresponding Royal Arch Chapter of the same name, and the colour of the ribbon on their Jewel is often white.)

Within this jurisdiction the Companion Jewel may be worn in all Lodges, as authorized by Grand Lodge, so if you see a Brother in Lodge wearing a Jewel with a what looks like a Star of David on it, then chances are good that he is a Royal Arch Mason and would welcome any questions you may have about the Order, and if he is not able to answer your questions, or he feels too inexperienced to answer them, then he can direct you to someone who can, or you can contact us on this website to ask your questions. We cannot promise answers to every question but we should be able to help you out a fair bit! Questions from the public are also welcome.

As a point of clarification, although Chapters only work three degrees in this jurisdiction (some other jurisdictions actually work four of them, as did Signet Chapter No. 34 when it was first formed), it is only in one degree, that supreme degree, that of the Royal Arch, that it is actually opens as a Chapter. For the other two degrees interestingly enough, it actually opens as a Lodge! Also unlike a Masonic Lodge which does all of its business in the lowest of its three degrees, the Chapter does all of its business in the highest of the three degrees that it confers. When open as a Lodge, either the Second Principal or Third Principal may act as WM and confer either of the two lesser degrees, (with the exception of the obligation which is administered by the First Principal or a Past First Principal).

Phoenix Chapter Officers should note that the Officers' Handbook was replaced on 26 June 2015 by a new Officers' Guide To The Work, which was issued that night in paper form, and includes an up to date Officers' Contact List.

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