About Us

What we Do

Across Canada The Phoenix is providing awareness, support, education, services 

and products for the wellness of Canadians. 

Offering to those who are the Selfless Caregivers, First Responders, Social and Medical pillars of our communities, the beaten down and tired, traumatized and those who otherwise would be unable to afford our services in a typical wellness setting.

How is this done? Our gracious Lighthouse locations, affiliates and advocates! Offering spaces for services, access to product and often even the monetary aid for additional Wellness providers. Additionally,  by the public themselves! The caring Canadian communities who donate directly or book their services, classes, events and retreats with us and purchase products through our lighthouses and online store. A feel good, "Be the change" way of getting self-care.  By way of pampering themselves, communities can feel good about their purchases and self-care, knowing all purchases in some way, wind up with our Chapter as support in helping others.

Creating Pay-It-Forward Wellness to communities across the Nation.

What People Say


Authentic experiences are piling in and will be loaded soon, stay tuned!