For Our Clients


Stress has been scientifically proven to decrease the health of an individual. Including being linked to both disorder and disease. While stress reduction and the stimulation of the Parasympathetic Nervous System,  aid in both healing and preventative care. For decades the Spa and Wellness industry has been aiding in this for the communities they reside within and we believe it be considered mandatory health as opposed to the outdated judgements as frivolous spending. Mental Health, Opioid Crisis, Addiction and many other movements have sprung, bringing light to the overwhelming need of our communities conflicted by a lack of available affordability and funding. The Phoenix Chapter offers care for those unable to afford the healing and preventative care of Relaxation Services and Wholistic health. Not to be forgotten are the selfless Caregivers who rarely take the time for their own care. Whether it be affordability, accessibility while giving their time to others or just not wanting to take from the "pot" and are then nominated by a community member in their region to ensure their well deserved care and appreciation. We pride ourselves in finding even mobile care, whenever possible, for First Responders, Social and Community support workers and Health Care providers in hopes of keeping community pillars and resources strong.

By linking service providers and product suppliers together, as one national network, The Phoenix Chapter is able to provide these services and and products at lesser or no charge. While the public can feel good about their full service or product purchase as a part of a " Pay It Forward " Solution for the greater good. 

Making Self-Care both justified and achievable for all.

Integrative health and wellness.

Working together to take charge of the health and wellness in our communities.

*Applicants of The Phoenix Chapter may be subject to a soft screening before acceptance*